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Our Services

Feasibility assessment

We will map your processes, systems architecture and identify all relevant data sources

Use case identification

Finding best suited AI Analytics solutions is not easy. We will propose best one for your business

Build and Testing

We will customize and implement AI-powered Dashboard so you have all the numbers in one place

Support and Maintenance

We offer emergency maintenance services, including bug fixing, adding features to your dashboard, optimizing performance

“The AI boom will boost corporate profits 30% or more over the next decade, according to a Goldman Sachs senior strategist”

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Key Benefits

Cost optimization

Are you wondering if you are burning cash on licenses no one is using? What are the top contributors to your monthly expense rate? Understanding your expenses can save you a ton of money. Leverage AI to get insights about your business and improve your bottom line

Time saving

Instead of fishing around for all these numbers, save your time and have all of that in one great dashboard. Get all your reporting automated and you can then switch off for the weekend because your dashboard is telling you what is happening within your business

Better decisions

Growing your business might be a challenge. If you’re not quite sure about the position of the business, if have we got enough cash, are we making enough sales – when all of these things are buzzing around – get one great dashboard and make better data driven decisions

Technology stack

Power BI

We build beautiful dashboards in Power BI


We are using Tableau for dashboard development as an alternative to Power BI

Azure AI Services

We leverage Azure AI Services for data transformation and enrichment

Google Workspace

We can easily connect to your Google Sheets or any other tool from Google Workspace

Microsoft 365

We can source data from your Excels, SharePoint Lists or other apps within M365 suite


We can connect to your AWS database or any other Cloud Solution supporting MySQL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the ideal client for Orchestreo?

Orchestreo is the perfect partner for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, looking to develop BI dashboards or enhance their operations with the power of the AI technology. We understand the hurdles of hiring a full-time BI developer – the time spent vetting candidates, the high costs, and the risk of mismatched skill sets.

Instead, Orchestreo offers a far more efficient and cost-effective solution. We provide access to a ready-to-go delivery team of BI developer and IT Project Manager/Business Analyst, pre-vetted for exceptional skills and diverse expertise. This allows you to utilize high-grade BI development capability without bearing the burden of a full-time salary, saving you substantial resources.

Why wouldn’t I just hire a full-time BI developer?

Excellent question! Hiring a full-time BI developer can be costly. The hiring process itself can also be lengthy and challenging. More importantly, your workload might fluctuate, leading to periods when you don’t have enough tasks to fully utilize a full-time BI developer. By using our agency resources, you only pay for the BI development work you need, enjoy the flexibility to pause or resume your projects as required, and avoid the financial burden of an underutilized in-house BI developer.

But that’s not all. To get development work delivered successfully you need Project Manager who will gather all the requirements and ensure these are clear for the BI developer. Orchestreo can offer services of IT Project Manager with over 12 years experience in delivery of digital solutions. Let us handle the complexities of dashboards development, while you focus on what matters most – growing your business.

How long does it take to get Proof of Concept implemented?

The turnaround time for your dashboard depends on the complexity of the task. On average, the first version of 1-pager dashboard is ready for review in a week. However, more complex dashboards, containing multiple data sources may take longer to finish.

You will likely be tracking weekly “Sprints”, these sprints are comprised of multiple tasks the BI developer has prioritized and are completed that in the week. Any tasks that are still in progress once the sprint ends will roll over in the next week’s sprint.

How It Works: An active BI development project is broken down into vital building blocks called “tasks”. Multiple tasks are selected then compiled into a weekly sprint. A sprint represents 3-6 tasks that will be completed within the week. The number of tasks assigned to a sprint vary based on the difficulty and specificity of your request. 

Is there a Refund Policy?

Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued once a dashboard delivery has started. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not happy with the dashboard delivered, we’ll work on revising it until you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

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